Egyptian Black Gold

Egyptian Black Gold

Health Benefits of Egyptian (Kemetic) Black Gold Seasoning

How amazing it is to help make food savory with health benefits too!

This seasoning is a delicious blend with a main ancient ingredient dating back to Egypt (Kemit) popularized today, activated charcoal that believe or not has health benefits! Healthy digestive systems are the cornerstones of optimum health, so with Activated Charcoal added, it helps to promote digestive health in general by the removal of toxins. If you routinely cleanse the digestive system of toxins you can boost immune function, alleviate joint pain, enhance nutrient absorption, increase energy levels and increase brain functioning.             

FUN FACT: The ancient Egyptians (originally known as Kemites), as early as 1500 BCE, documented various kinds of charcoal for several therapeutic uses such as for putrifying wounds to remove odors, as well as for problems in the gastrointestinal tract. They also used charcoal as a topical antidote to poisoning. In around 3750 BCE they also made use of charcoal to smelt ores to create bronze.

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